High up in the central hills of the island, nestling on a wild and windswept saddle at an elevation of 7200 feet where the bright and clear, the soft and misty change from moment to moment is one of Sri Lanka’s most forbidding yet fascinating and stupendously beautiful regions.As the name implies, here are a series of vast open plains rolling along as far as the eye could see, dipping now and then into misty vales and mossy, muddy marshes, often rising up again into pointed peaks and running into deeply wooded areas of moss covered forest. Vast jungle covered cliffs of awesome height & ice cold, crystal clear streams, pools and waterfalls mark her verdant face. The Horton Plains grips you with her unique atmosphere and ever-changing character while you are there and then beckons you again with her cold, stark beauty when you have left her. Two of the main attractions are “Worlds End” & “Bakers Falls” spectacular views are available in the world’s end where the plateau plunges into 2900 ft in a vertical drop. Due to the high elevation and wind swept areas Horton Plains has a unique vegetation and is famous for many rare and endemic highland birds.