The second largest city in Sri Lanka, Kandy is perhaps the center of all Singhalese culture. The cool atmosphere and the picturesque surroundings enhance the enchantment of the citadel that is teeming with traditions of Singhalese art, music and dance. The sacred tooth of the Buddha, Sri Lanka’s most prized possession and the symbol of sovereignty over the island, was moved to this hill city in the 16th century and still sits in the beautiful Dalada Maligawa. This temple stands almost alone near the shore of the serene Kandy Lake. It is a splendid work of art in itself.
Beautiful woodcarvings, painted ceilings and silver-and-ivory doors adorn the inside of the temple. It also houses a magnificent museum that records the intriguing history of the Kandyans.One of the most spectacular events that takes place in Kandy is the Esala Perahera. It is the most splendid pageants in SouthAsia featuring a procession of countless elephants, fire-dancers, Kandyan dancers and drummers. This is an incomparable and memorable celebration, which should definitely be on your agenda.