Polonnaruwa, which was the capital of Sri Lanka from the 11th to the 13th century has more to see and leaves less to speculation than Anuradhapura, the capital that preceded it. Due to its more recent past, Polonnnaruwa is strewn with ruins in a resplendent state of preservation. Ornamental friezes and delicately carved pillars decorate most of the ruins, making the metropolis fascinating to any visitor.
The Terrace of the Tooth Relic, at the heart of the city is a platform that houses 12 of the grandest buildings. Of these, the Vatadage and the Thuparama image house are the most spectacular. Further away from the centre of the metropolis is the Gal Vihara, which consists of four statues of the Lord Buddha. Cut from a single granite wall, these rank among the true masterpieces of Sri Lankan art. Other sites of particular interest are the Lotus bath, the Medirigiriya Vatadage and the Lankatilake image house.