Among the many untouched beauties of Sri Lanka are her rich and varied wildlife and jungles. One-tenth of the entire land of Sri Lanka is under the Department of Wildlife Conservation and thus there are many sanctuaries and national parks. The most frequented national park of Sri Lanka is Yala. It is mainly a thorny scrub forest, but it is the best place for visitors to see elephants in their natural habitat. In recent years the chances of spotting a leopard or a bear also quite frequent.
In the early months of the year, there are scattered rain showers in this region, but this is the prime time in which to see large herds of elephants with calves. Another sight not to be missed is the mating dance of the exquisite peacock.
The Yala National Park has a few little bungalows in which tourists can spend a few nights in the wilderness. These bungalows, which are lit by kerosene lamps and lanterns, are equipped with only a few modern commodities. A night’s stay is quite memorable, as herds of deer, wild boar and even elephants occasionally venture quite close to the bungalows.
Guides, commonly called “trackers” always accompany visitors to the park. They are amazingly adept at spotting wildlife camouflaged in the wilderness and are very interesting companions.