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Ella is a paradise like highland village set on southern edge of Uva Province of Sri Lanka. Ella village of salubrious climate nestles amidst hill after hill of tea plantations bringing in panoramic views of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. The finest view is afforded through a cleft in green hills, popularly called Ella Gap. Ella gap drop down nearly 1000 meters over the ridge of Central Highlands to bring in a telescopic view of the Great Plains as far as the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

6 km down the spectacular road from Ella to Wellawaya is Bambaragama Falls, also called Ravana Ella Falls that tumbles down 90 meters over the valley wall. On the way to the Ravana Ella Falls well known for the discovery of fossils of “Homosapiens Balangodenis”.

Ella is trekker’s dreamland: waterfalls, rock cliffs, caves, plantations, villages, railway track and woods that abound with birdlife, provide ample opportunities for hiking, trekking and cycling.

Restaurants at Ella serve good food at decent prices: with its cultivation of vegetables and fruits, Ella is a fine village to enjoy plateful after plateful of Sinhalese rice and curry cooked with garden fresh vegetables.