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Kumana National Park

Located in the Eastern part of Yala National Park holds its own as a bird sanctuary at the same time being home to some of the larger mammals found in Yala west park. Highlights of Kumana is the large estuary fed by “Kumbukkan Oya” and most of the bird that nest at Kumana use this mangrove swamp during May – June to raise their young. Pelican is the most common while the rarest bird spotted here is black necked stork.

The main safari camp for birdwatchers is located near the banks of Kumbukkan Oya regarded as the best spot, also in the vicinity is an old shrine of yet undetermined deity of the area. This camp site is truly “off-the-beaten-track” and can only be accessed by 4WD vehicle. Gone are the cramped tents, sitting on the ground at meal times here you camp in luxury tents which are set up prior to your arrival inclusive of all modern amenities and of course the beer ! Served the same way as a hotel bar would, chilled to the brim. Enjoy a hearty BBQ set on a table in the Kumbukkan oya, with water running past your knees with “Willakku” lanterns lighting up the area along with a roaring bonfire a must at any camping trip.