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The Sigiriya Rock Fortress (5th Century AD) of Sri Lanka is situated in Matale district near Dambulla. Recorded as a UNESCO world heritage, Sigirya can be reached along Colombo- Habarana highway and turning East from Inamaluwa , then proceeding about 10 km from Inamaluwa and passing Kimbissa, a rural settlement one arrives at Sigiriya. Sigiriya being a fortress citadel and had been well designed for its defences by having ramparts and moats built around it. There are several approaches to the inner city and the most prominent is the Western entrance. From the summit of the rock, the land areas up to distances of tens of miles can be watched making it hard for the enemy to make a surprised attack to the kingdom.

King Kashyapa is credited with this magnificent creation and the elaborate water garden which faces west looking from the top terrace of the rock. The world famous frescoes of the “heavenly maidens” are painted on the western facia of the rock overlooking the fountains of the western water garden, which come alive during the rainy season, remaining functioning to modern day.