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Arugam Bay is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka and is famed for its stunning beaches, surf-friendly waves and sunny weather. Arugam Bay is a surfing haven attracting enthusiasts of all skill levels to its pristine shores, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert, there are waves to suit everyone! Although surfing being the main tourist attraction, the city has a heap of things to do and places to see. The nearby Pottuvil Lagoon and the Kumana National Park offer you a glimpse of the exotic wildlife in the area, from crocodiles and elephants to birds and deer. The area also has a rich history and history buffs will enjoy the number of archaeological sites that can be explored through!

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Pottuvil Lagoon Tour (2.30 PM)
The Pottuvil Lagoon is a hub for wildlife, located a mere 4 kms away from the surfing destination of Arugam Bay. Encompassing 200 acres of mangrove forests, embark on a lagoon safari on a traditional fishing boat known as an ‘oruwa’, and keep your eyes open for the diverse range of birds that thrive here. While cruising along the lagoon, you’ll be lucky to spot a murky crocodile gliding through the still waters or a herd of elephants drinking water from the lagoon.
Kumana National Park Safari (6.00 AM)
Kumana National Park is best known for its rich avifauna and is said to be the largest protected breeding grounds for endemic and migratory birds. The lake inside the park is heavily populated by flocks of waterfowls and other types of wading birds. You’ll be able to see pelicans, heron, little cormorants and many more. Other animals that call this park home are crocodiles, elephants, wild boar, ,deer and otters, to name a few. The Minneriya National Park has recently gained popularity after being featured on NatGeo for the largest congregation of wild elephants; dubbed, The Gathering. Visit between the months of July to October; where the season is dry, which draws more than 300 elephants to travel to the nearby Minneriya Tank in search of water. Besides elephants, the park is also home to crocodiles, purple-faced langur, painted stork and a plethora of colourful birds, both endemic and migratory. Embark on an exciting safari to watch Sri Lanka’s gentle giants in their natural habitat.
Muhudu Maha Viharaya
With a history of over 2000 years, Muhudu Maha Viharaya is located near a wide beach and believed to be the first place where Viharamahadevi landed, after being sent in a boat by her father to appease the gods when the area was submerged by the sea. Stroll through the remains of the pillared structure as you admire the images of the Buddha.
Sangaman Kanda Lighthouse
Located in the most eastern point of the island, the Sangaman Kanda Lighthouse was built in 1947 and towered approximately 25 feet in height. However, it was completely destroyed during the 2004 tsunami that wrecked the coastal cities. Today, only a 15 foot structure of the lighthouse remains. The Sangamam kande, where the lighthouse is located is the eastern point in Sri Lanka. Legend has it that the name was derived from the king that once ruled the city.
Pilliyar Kovil
A historic gem, the Pilliyar kovil remains hidden away from the mass tourism. This ancient hindu temple is surrounded by stone hills and jungles. Though consecrated to Lord Shiva, the temple was heavily dedicated to worshipping Lord Ganesh. Even the architecture of the kovil differs from others in the island, as the main pavilion is built in the shape of a hut. Curious monkeys will watch you as you slowly examine their habitat.
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