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Untouched, white beaches kissed with blue ocean waters and bordered by lush foliage and towering coconut trees, Batticaloa is located on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The city is fondly referred to as the ‘Land of the Singing Fish’, because of the musical fish or aquatic creature that lives in the lagoon. The lagoon is said to be the largest on the island and is home to a range of flora and fauna that thrive within its lush mangroves and seagrass beds. The most ideal time to visit is after the month of March and before October, as the weather is enjoyable making it perfect for sightseeing and partaking in a range of activities from sailing to diving.

1 Day
16+ Age
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Rural Village Cycling Tour
Cycle through a remote village in Batticaloa and learn the quiet, slow-paced lifestyle of the locals. Visit markets and indulge in scrumptious cuisine while you’re here.
Blessed with mountains and rough terrain, the island is perfect for those who love to trek through stunning landscapes!
Bird Watching
A range of colourful birds can be found on the island; national parks are the most ideal place for bird enthusiasts to get a glimpse of endemic and migratory birds.
Farming, Fishing Experience
Learn and immerse yourself in a traditional fishing and farming experience as you learn about the local way of life.
Cooking And Homestay Experience
Indulge in a traditional Sri Lankan experience, a homestay and cooking experience will open your eyes to an authentic Sri Lanka
Snorkeling, Sailing And Diving
Partake in sailing or explore the ocean while snorkelling or diving, as the waters around Batticaloa are teeming with a plethora of exotic marine life.
Yoga And Meditation
With serene beaches and tropical winds, the area is ideal for meditating and partaking in yoga activities.
Embark on a scenic boat ride along the iconic Batticaloa lagoon as you glide along its murky gentle waters.
City Tour
City tour including mahatma gandhi park, old local buildings insight into the Dutch, Portuguese and British architecture, religious building of 4 faiths, scars of recent history (war, tsunami), heritage museum of kattankudy, paddy fields and rural setting with community.
Mahatma Gandhi Park
Stroll through the Mahatma Gandhi Park along the old waterfront, admire the Batticaloa Gate built during the 18th century, which leads you to the busy harbour.
Heritage Museum Of Kattankudy
Take a walk back in time as you explore the ancient relics and monuments held within the Heritage Museum of Kattankudy. Displaying artefacts, recreations and models, plunge into the history of Muslim and Arab traders on the island. You’ll also find antique weapons, ceramics and household items, and many more that showcase the cultural events of the local community. The town of Kattankudy is predominantly run by the Muslim community and it resembles an Arabian village instead of a traditional Sri Lankan one. Outside the museum, you’ll find streets lined with dates while the smell of spices linger in the air.
  • Children 4 Years +11 months and younger are complimentary when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • This activity is subject to cancellation based on inclement weather. Activity can be rescheduled or the payment could be refunded.
  • Within 24 hours prior to the scheduled starting time: 100% Cancellation Fee.
  • No Shows – 100% Cancellation Fee.