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Perched along a stunning mountain ridge, the quiet town of Haputale holds a treasure trove of activities and experiences for the wandering explorer. Labelled as one of the most overlooked destinations in Asia in 2010 by CNN, this sleepy town is approximately 1431m above sea level and is rich with flora and fauna. Surrounded by mountains of tea and cloud forests, Haputale is generally colder than its surrounding towns. One of the most famous attractions here is known as Lipton’s Seat; where Sir Thomas Lipton would sit on a fine day and admire his tea plantations from. Take a stroll through lush plantations, hike up stunning hills, wander through national parks or simply sit in your garden with a warm cup of Ceylon tea as you enjoy the cold weather and the breathtaking landscapes.

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Nature And Tea Plantation Trekking To World Famous Lipton Seat (AM)
Lipton’s Seat was the iconic point where Sir Thomas Lipton, the Scotsman who followed James Taylor’s footsteps in tea plantations, would sit and admire his acres of tea plantations. The Dambatenna Estate where the tea from his estate is produced and packed, has been in operation since the 1800s. It’s a great place to enjoy a mesmerizing view of the surrounding verdant hills of tea and vegetable patches.
Rest And Relax In Comfortable Climate
Experience community life, schooling little kids and livelihood. (Haputale town is very nice in evenings with mist, cool climate, simple smiling people, Tamil music around, small restaurants “kade” with delicious foods, and many more)
Adisham Bungalow Tour
The Adisham Bungalow is a country house located in Haputale that is now being used as the Adisham monastery of Saint Benedict. The bungalow was initially the home of the famous tea planter, Sir Thomas Lester Villiers, who built it to resemble his house back home in England. Although only parts of the house can be visited, much of the original antiques and furniture still remain inside.
Taste Delicious Local Tamil Foods
Tamil food is packed with a range of flavour and spice, mostly inspired from the southern Indian state of Kerala. With influences from Kerala and the island itself, the cuisine here is scrumptious and mouthwatering!
Camping In Untouched High Lands In Haputale
Camping gear in tow, spend the night in the highlands of Haputale, surrounded by the blissful sights and sounds of rugged nature.
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